Dear founders,

Thank you for your trust and interest in working with HR Ventures.
In recent years, we have successfully invested in start-ups as an early-stage and growth investor. We want to continue to support our founders financially in the future. With our strategic reorientation, however, we are increasingly concentrating on our existing portfolio. Since we want to finance our companies through all growth stages, we are currently refraining from further new commitments. We regret that we cannot consider your idea at this point, but wish you much success in your search for a funding and sparring partner.

HR Ventures Team

About us

We are an early-stage venture capital firm, which is part of the HahnAir Group. We are based near Frankfurt am Main in Germany. Our airline’s two-letter code is the identification code for our brand: HR.


Here are the outstanding start-ups that we have invested in to build successful companies.


HAPPYCAR is one of Europe’s fastest growing online portals to compare the prices of rental cars. With more than 250 cooperation partners, the Hamburg-based company has one of the largest network of partners in its industry. Customers save up to 60 % by comparing the offers of rental cars and additional services with the structured and transparent website. HAPPYCAR guarantees its customers the cheapest rental car at the time of booking. Besides Germany HAPPYCAR offers its rental car comparison in another five countries.


Beach-Inspector is the first global information and rating platform for beaches. Beach-Inspector provides users with a search engine for beaches, that accounts for visual, touristic, infrastructural and lifestyle aspects of beaches. With just a mere clicks users find a list of beaches, that meet the their personal requirements. Until 2017 all touristically relevant beaches world-wide will be available on Beach-Inspector.


Caravelo is a leading technology provider specialized in ancillary revenue solutions for travel companies, starting with airlines. Formerly known as ChangeYourFlight, the company founded in 2010 has a great track record in win-win solutions for airlines and passengers. Caravelo’s yield management solutions are easily aligned to each customer’s commercial strategy and integrated to multiple IT systems, helping all types of carriers generate additional revenue.


Distribusion develops the first global distribution system (GDS) for the international intercity bus market. The Berlin based travel tech startup connects intercity bus operators with travel resellers such as travel websites, OTAs, tour operator or mobility apps worldwide. Distribusion provides intercity bus content including booking system, ticketing, billing and clearing services.


viasto GmbH develops innovative video interviewing software for recruitment. viasto's interview suite allows recruiters to obtain an authentic impression of their candidates through pre-recorded video interviews and objectively evaluate specific skills, all before the personal interview. As a result, hidden talents are discovered and higher quality screening decisions are made. Through these digital processes, companies position themselves as an innovative and modern employer. viasto’s customers include fast-growing startups, as well as innovative SMEs and large enterprises, in over 10 countries. The company currently employs 22 team members in Berlin, in the areas of technology, human diagnostics and marketing, and was awarded the HR Excellence Award, among others.


With the broadest selection of fashion, shoes, toys, accessories and many other products, parents find everything online at the one-stop-shop tausendkind. And also for grandparents, aunts, uncles, and friends looking for presents tausendkind aspires to be the source of inspiration. Be it the overtrouser for everyday or the chic outfit for festive days, be it the small lable or an exclusive collection - with our selected product range tausendkind has the perfect match for every budget and every small or big step in our children's life.


Mapudo is the market place for materials. We are addressing both materials suppliers and B2B buyers, reaching from small workshops to global manufacturing companies. With the materials supply industry, Mapudo supports one of the most important and traditional industries on its transformational way to digitalization, especially in the distribution process. Tailor-made solutions, accounting for the specific requirements of this challenging market, promise an enormous potential in reducing transaction costs for both suppliers and buyers. Mapudo was founded in 2014 and is backed by renowned investors, industry experts and a dedicated team of hands-on entrepreneurs. As an agile and fast-growing company, Mapudo is on an extremely demanding and rewarding journey to become the leading materials marketplace available.


itembase developed a web application that tracks more than 10 million purchases a month and that helps more than 72,000 web retailers increase their margins through using the full set of itembase e-commerce solutions The global e-commerce market is worth $1.5 trillion and boasts 225 billion transactions a year, with an annual growth rate of 15%. The total addressable market is $300 billion consisting of products with a lifecycle over six months and/or a high lifestyle value. Through data analysis of our vast amount of purchase data, itembase will be able to drive purchases of products and related products, like insurance and accessories, based on directly targeted marketing. Proven techniques also include an on-page conversion boosters and upselling optimization on merchants’ websites.

1-2-social is a premium social media agency. Having many prestigious clients like KFC Germany, Constantin Film and Versicherungskammer Bayern, 1-2-social delivers strategic guidance, editorial work and individual campaigns.

e³ computing GmbH

e³ computing GmbH (e3c) is a company that markets technologies for the design and operations of very efficient Cube data centers. These technologies have been developed in the scientific environment, and have won the Green IT Award of the German federal government, twice the German Data Center Award as well as several other renowned international prizes for their unique combination of energy efficiency and efficiency in terms of investment cost. e3c offers vendor-neutral consulting to international corporations, organizations in the public sector as well as medium sized enterprises for their most efficient data center design that is based on respective requirements in terms of availability and IT power. With its closely knit network of partners, e3c can also offer services as planner and general contractor as well as complete life-cycle management for Cube data centers. The e3c technologies are protected by patent filings and their utilization is granted through license agreements. Data centers consume about 2% of electric power in Germany and have operational costs of 3 bn. € annually in Germany alone.